Favorite Rooms

Find your favorite room, feel more than home

Executive Comfort

These suites are planned and designed exclusively with only two objectives in the mind- your comfort and pampering you in luxury. The Centre Park service apartment is located in the hustling suburb of New Sidhapudur to make your stay in this city a completely pleasurable one. The apartment has 10 Executive Comfort rooms. Each room is 250sq feet with exquisite interiors, rich ambience all packed up with the space and informality of your homes.

Executive Economy

These rooms are cozy and you would be delighted to retire to these rooms in the night. We have taken every effort to keep these rooms well appointed for a single guest. There is a right blend of ambience coupled with self sufficiency to treat one guest or two in a hospitable way. We have 10 Executive Economy rooms of 250 sq ft area each. The executive rooms invite you with warmth and comfort to make your stay memorable.

Family Suite

Enjoy your stay with your loved ones in our Family Suite. These rooms are nothing less than elegant. We have about 5 Family suites that are specifically designed to make you and your families feel a home away from home. The suite features a separate classy living room and an inviting bed room. These rooms each of size 550 sq ft are all decked up with modern amenities to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

Royal Suite

Unwind yourself completely in our Royal Suites. In these Suites you are made to feel like a king. So be prepared to treat yourself with all lavishness in our luxury. We have 5 Royal Suites of 600 sq ft size each. Each Suite has a separate aristocratic living room with imported furniture and a magnificent bed room with royal bed linen and upholstery that you would feel you are just dwelling in a king's palace.

  • 24 Hours Checkout
  • Air-Conditioned Bedrooms
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Led Television
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
  • Car Parking
  • 24x7 Help Desc
  • Power Backup

Why Choose Centre Park Serviced Apartment as your destiny for stay over a hotel/lodge while visiting Coimbatore?

Spacious Accommodation

Our Serviced Apartment contains rooms that are larger and spacious than the regular rooms in a hotel or lodge.

Personal Care

Every four rooms has a dedicated care taker 24/7, ensuring personal attention on so journers.

Cost Effective

Additional charges as amounted in hotels even for those unused gym, spa, high chandeliers, etc. are cut short and your expenses minimised when it comes to using our Serviced Apartment.


Verifications are made to ensure safety and pre-cautious steps are taken to provide a safe and comfortable accommodation.

Home-like Feel

The space and set up of Centre Park Serviced Apartment gives you the feel of being home, with extra comforts.

Hygienic Home Cooked Food

Our Serviced Apartment has tasteful chefs to tantalize your taste buds with mouth watering hygienic, healthy, tasty food made just like at home.